Anti-Discrimination counseling

Article 3 of the German constitution says explicitly that nobody may be discriminated nor favoured because of his or her sex, ancestry, race, language, origin and home country, belief as well as religious or political attitude.

Nevertheless foreign students are often discriminated.

Exclusion has many faces.

  • For instance the employer, who doesn’t want to employ a headscarf wearing Moroccan student due to the business philosophy.
  • Or the professor asking a Chinese student in his oral exam, if he can understand the German language.
  • The guy on the bus, insulting his Nigerian seatmate as a “Nigger”.
  • Or - in a hardship case – a group of neo-Nazis, threatening to use physical violence to “free Germany from foreigners.”

There are countless cases, which our fellow students have to face every day. Every case is different, very personal and has to be taken serious! For an equal handling between the cultures we want:

  • to act as a mediator in conflict situations
  • to help reducing prejudices
  • to publicise cases of discrimination
  • to give advise and present options for action

If you feel treated unfair, harassed or threatened - at the university, by your employer, neighbour etc. - just get in contact with the “Brücke”!

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