An educational city-map for Münster

The “Department for School and Further Education” developed an educational city-map, an online-platform for teachers which makes a variety of services – more than 140 providers at the moment – concerning extracurricular learning locations accessible. “Die Brücke” is one of the “attractive destinations for educational field-trips”.

Students from all over the world
For international students “die Brücke” is the first address to go. There, foreign students can ask for support for various aspects of their lives, specially for those concerning their studies. For years now, “die Brücke” consistently creates a multicultural ambiance at the university by providing different services and arranging events. Thereby “die Brücke” brings forward the international dialogue. For pupils of the upper stage, the importance of this work for the city of Münster becomes obvious by talking to foreign students. At the same time it becomes clear, that young persons have to be prepared  for certain circumstances, if they want to spent some time in a foreign country.

Target audience: Sekundarstufe II (the sixth form; begins with the 12th grade in Germany)
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The Friendship project provides a forum for international students to enable intercultural exchange concerning tradition, religion, culture etc. within an organized framework. The cultural exchange helps to reduce prejudices and establish understatement for the respective different culture groups.

Projekt Friendship

The international Students
The complexity of the crowded University of Münster, as well as the newly experienced social environment often cause orientation problems for students from foreign cultures. The acquisition of a new language and different behaviour patterns than known from their respective home countries, often make it impossible to establish contact to German students. The absence of social contacts often result in isolation, which strongly affects the international student’s studies.

By participating in the intercultural exchange, international students may tell their “hosts” a lot about culture, traditions, religion and  behaviour patterns common in their respective home countries.Having contact to people of different culture groups is an important experience which widens one’s perspective about conditions that sometimes may seem a little strange.

The people of Münster
“Friendship” is offered by families or individuals from Münster to international students who are from a different culture group and speaking part respectively. It’s very important for international students to have an orientation guide for their new home. The people of Münster may give students an understanding of the culture, traditions and behaviour patterns common in Germany and contribute to easier orientation in their new social environment.

“Friendship” occurs within the framework of leisure time activities, cultural programs, guided tours, support for the everyday life etc. The schedule for “Friendship”-activities has to be arranged between the international students and their hosts from Münster.

The team of the “Brücke” (“Brücke-Team”)

Our team not only provides support for establishing contacts between interested parties, but also professional guidance. The team may always be contacted to provide aid with certain issues of the parties thereto. Once in every semester, there’s a comfy “Friendship”-meeting where all participants may exchange their experiences and establish new contacts.

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Contact person: Gita Lestari
Phone: (0251) 83-22229
E-Mail: friendship@uni-muenster.de


                                                                                                                                                                    Project for women in “Die Brücke”

What we want to do: Arranging a wide and differentiated proposal for interested women (and men!) from a women’s- and gender politics perspective. Thereby, we pursue an open conception themed: Be right in the middle of things instead of just watching them happen.

Due to practical work we want to demonstrate that dedication can be worthwhile. No ideas will be excluded. The independent collaboration with interested people is very much the conceptual core. We see ourselves as a platform for third parties. Therefore, the “Brücke” and its staff provide resources for the obligation of third parties.

Very well then: Feel yourselves encouraged to share your ideas with us or just come around for a chat.

Contact: Sermin and Alicia
Phone: (0251) 83-22229
E-Mail: frau.bruecke@uni-muenster.de

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