Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics

at the University of Münster

The Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics, located at the University of Münster, started its work in 2010. The Centre is funded by the German Research Council (DFG), designed for a period of eight years and intends to provide an in-depth discussion on the basic principles of plausible norm foundation in bioethics. To this end the resources of philosophical metaethics, normative ethics and legal ethics shall be discussed and made productive; at the same time, however, the crucial debates in biomedical ethics, biomedical law and biopolitics of the last 30 years shall be analysed and critically worked up as well.

Political Virtues & Political Emotions

While in her recent book, Martha Nussbaum praised the role of (positive) political emotions, at the same time, a phenomenon called "post-truth politics" can be observed in the Western world. A workshop on 10 November will examine what political emotions are and how they relate to political virtues.

Well-being and Time

“When it can’t get any better, one should stop” is not just an old German saying, but also a result of happiness research. It gives us a hint to discuss the good life in its temporal constitution, rather than as an aggregated phenomenon. A conference on 17–19 October will take up that perspective.

Perfectionism in Public Health

The ban on smoking in restaurants is widely accepted. But how much should the state intervene in individual liberties for the purpose of public health care? A workshop on 21–22 March will deal with objectives and limits of „public health“.