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Welcome to the Collaborative Research Centre 656 'Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging'!

Cardiovascular diseases constitute one of the major challenges of medicine, since they still account for the majority of all death worldwide. The team of CRC 656 develops new methods for visualising cardiovascular diseases. They provide new knowledge about the cause and progress of disease, and thus allow for an earlier and more precise diagnosis.


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Pilot projects for female junior scientists

The Gender and Diversity Commission of the CRC 656 offers funding of up to € 3,000 for pilot projects of junior female scientists. Female PhD students and postdocs from working groups involved in the CRC can apply by 15 June 2016. Download call

Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture

On Tuesdays at 5:15 p.m. at the lecture hall Waldeyerstraße 15, Münster!

Software Wizards: How Programmers Visualise Complex Data for Scientific Users

In imaging, scientists have to deal with complex datasets. But sometimes they lack the software to display such a jumble of data clearly. When this happens, computers scientists are in high demand. In Münster, two computer scientists are developing a program that morphs different datasets into vivid 3D-graphics and impressive internal images of the body.

Sharper Images for Medicine: How Medical Physics Helps to Optimise Clinical Scans

If you move during an examination with a whole body scanner the resulting images from inside the body will be blurred. A patient’s breathing is already enough to make tomographic images less precise. That is why medical physicist Dr. Florian Büther and nuclear medicine specialist Dr. Thomas Vehren develop new methods which shall improve the quality of medical images.

PET/MRI: New hybrid technology at the University Hospital Münster

Physicians have always been fascinated about looking inside the human body. To do so, they can use a set of imaging techniques. Just recently, the University Hospital Münster has installed an innovative hybrid system which combines PET and MRI. But what is the uniqueness of this high end technique? Our new podcast episode will provide you with answers.

Inflamed Coronary Arteries: How can medical imaging help to asses a risk of heart attack?

When coronary arteries become inflamed, the vessel walls thicken and may rupture – leading to an acute heart attack. Dr. Thomas Vogl, Dr. Andreas Faust und Dr. Sven Hermann develop substances to visualise inflamed vessel walls with molecular imaging and to assess the individual risk.

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Tue 31.05.2016, 17:15 - 18:15
Multiscale Molecular Imaging LectureHenning Mootz: Selective chemical modification and light manipulation of proteins, in purified form and in living cells
Kristina Kusche-Vihrog: Endothelial stiffness as indicator of vascular function/dysfunction

Tue 07.06.2016, 17:15 - 18:15
Multiscale Molecular Imaging LectureAnna Junker: P2Y1 receptors as new therapeutic targets in cardiovascular disease and cancer
Dietmar Vestweber: Determinants of endothelial barrier integrity beyond VE-cadherin

Tue 14.06.2016, 17:15 - 18:15
Multiscale Molecular Imaging LectureDoris Niederhoff: Good science communication and how it benefits research
Rainer Bromme

Tue 21.06.2016, 17:15 - 18:15
Multiscale Molecular Imaging LectureKlaus Schäfers, Florian Büther and Lars Stegger

Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging SymposiumFinal Symposium of Collaborative Research Centre 656

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