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When international students and doctoral candidates come to Münster, they hope for the most optimal arrangement of social and economical living conditions, as well as adequate living accommodations in the environment of their academic studies, depending on their needs. Their social, academic, and cultural integration plays an important role for a successful completion of their studies. Hence, it is the Brücke’s main mission to support international students with these matters as best we can.

For many years, the “Brücke” has been consistently creating an international atmosphere within the area of Münster University (WWU), encouraging active participation in international dialogue/engagement. Internationality is an inherent part of the “Brücke” and is consciously and positively experienced and valued by both students and professors.

The “Brücke” not only provides acclaimed support and social advice for international students, but, by arranging multifaceted events and activities, it also contributes to economic-, political-, academic- and cultural understanding and development.

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The internationality of the University of Münster expresses itself not only in numerous and worldwide partnerships with other universities, but also in a large number of foreign students. All university members have got the chance to acquire intercultural expertise by partaking in the everyday life of the “Brücke”.

For the development of the students characters it’s important for us that students acquire professional and social expertise, take responsibility for others and think in large relations. “Not only for international students, but also for German students the program of the “Brücke” offers the unique opportunity – beyond the academic studies – to discuss about global questions with people of different local-, social-, political-, religious- and scientific beliefs and conjointly develop visions.” (Dr. Kambiz Ghawami, WUS)

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