The concept of the “Brücke”

The work of the International Centre of the WWU “Die Brücke” is geared to the special needs of foreign students and doctoral candidates during their studies in Münster. Our main priority is to give support with regards to the social and economic living conditions, as well as providing advice and personal assistance.

The aim of our work is to provide international students with an effective and lasting academic integration and personal support, as well as build their competence through social and professional expertise and in close collaboration with the faculties and other important partners. We hold and organise multifaceted events and activities, which contribute to the social, cultural, political and economical integration of international students as well as to the international dialogue.
We consider our contribution to be a necessary aid to the respective university departments in order to provide the international students with the most optimal conditions to successfully complete their academic studies.

Im Café Couleur

The international students are equal partners in this course-related process. To be consistent with those values, we support them with arranging their daily routine, their studies and their personal initiative and responsibility. We want to contribute to their personal development and we stand for the central values of solidarity and emancipation. The broad understatement of our institution concerning integration is based on a culture of human dignity, humanity and solitary acts.

It is our belief, that the chances of integration for international students in Germany depend on professional and comprehensive preparations regarding their academic studies, as well as on orientation in a foreign environment. Due to reliable general conditions, student-oriented support and professional advice, the “Brücke” provides structures to cope with the daily routine. Hence, we provide important conditions for a successful integration.

Our work focuses on the group of international students of the Münster University. Our team specially gets involved with those students, who study outside of established and adequate supervised exchange programs in Münster. In many cases those students are from not-EU respectively from developing countries or from eastern Europe. Furthermore, we established an independent service for international doctoral candidates. Due to the wide range of  events and activities, we want to inspire all affiliates involved in the internationalization of study and university, as well as everyone interested in international issues, to take part in the international dialogue.

We desire an open-minded and international atmosphere at the Münster University. We want to contribute to this development by providing a network of advice- and support services.

Those services include:

  • the team of the “Brücke”: initial contact and setup of demand-oriented support
  • office for supervision of doctoral candidates
  • advice and services for international students, who want to return to their              respective home countries
  • the office “Alumni International Münster” of the “Brücke”
  • the office arranging the job fair “CONNECTA International Münster” of the  

The following spectrum of topics are covered by our projects and our advice services:

  • coping with the daily routine in a foreign environment
  • handling of identity crises
  • contact to German fellow students
  • study-related problems
  • handling of ethnic discrimination
  • future prospects
  • prevention of  isolation and anxieties
  • advancement of cross-cultural competence
  • general leisure facilities

The objective of our concept can only be achieved in close collaboration with the respective university- and local institutions, as well as with the ideas of all interested students.

Co-operation partners (amongst others):

  • the city of Münster:
    • Advisory Board for Foreigners
    • department concerning issues of foreigners
    • department for migration and cross-cultural issues
    • public sector marketing (city marketing)
  • student union (organistation providing social, financial and cultural support
    services to students in Germany)
  • university communities
  • language centre

The International Centre “Die Brücke” defines itself as a competent contact institution for Münster’s foreign students. We invite those students to make use of our services. We perform our tasks competently, reliable, quick and friendly. Trust and emancipated collaboration with our partners determine our actions; of course we are open for criticism as well as for suggestions of improvment, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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